NFRA: Board of Directors Letter: March 21, 2017




March 16, 2017

Fellow Owners,

I hope everyone had a good winter season and is ready for another fun summer here at NFRA. It was not the best of winters for us at the resort, given the devastating fire on December 13th that destroyed our pool pavilion building. As you may know by now, the building, including the game room and our maintenance garage, were a total loss as a result of the fire.

We have cleared the site, made our insurance claims, and are proceeding with the process to have a new building constructed at the same site as the old one. Once the plans are complete and the rebuilding has started I will further update you on many of the new building details. The new building will include a large meeting room, approximately 46’x80’, with bathrooms, kitchen, new game room, office, and storage in a space 20’x80’. It is anticipated that the new construction will take 5 months from the start, so we will not have this building for the coming summer season.

The pool, its chemical room, and bathrooms were not damaged and will still be used this summer without any interruption of our normal schedule.

The game room, tubes, and other water craft have been relocated to the media room in “A” section until the new building is completed. As of the date of this letter, the room has been set up with new games and video equipment and will be ready to go once the summer season starts.

Maintenance has been moved into a new office trailer building located in the security parking lot. This is the new home of our maintenance department with much more room than what they had before in the old basement garage. We hope to add under roof storage at this site for all of our tractors and mowers in the near future.

Board meetings will be held this year in the old store/exercise room located in “A” section. Please watch the bulletins for meeting times and dates. The next meeting is Saturday, April 15th.

I hope this letter has answered many of your questions regarding our fire loss, the rebuilding, and how and where departments will operate this coming season. I look forward to seeing you at the Resort.

Richard Sullivan
President, NFRA Inc.

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