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This form is to be filled out by an owner and may be changed at any time by the owner. The names on this form will be added to the individual owner’s guest file. An owner must be present from the time a guest arrives on the resort until the guest departs. All owners are responsible for the actions of their guests.



Any owner is entitled to (6) guests at one time. The Resort Manager must approve more than (6) guests.

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Please Note

If your camper is going to be stored in North Fork’s storage lot for any length of time a signed Storage Waiver will need to be on file.
If your camper will be transported at any time by NFRA a signed Move Waiver will need to be on file.

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Please no that the owner/member must upgrade this adress in the event you move. By singing this agreement, you agree that any notice sent to you by the Regula Mails of the United States, postage prepaid, at the address above will be cosidered valid and legal motice for legal process.

For the consideration described herein, North Fork Resort Association, Inc. (hereinafter "NFR") agrees to provide Owner/ Member named above, an area for storage of the Owner/member's recreational vehicle (hereinafter "RV") or boat described below:

Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving the other party thirty (30) days written notice of such termination. In the event of such notice, Owner/member agrees to remove the recreational vehicle or boat from the storage area and from North Fork Resort Association, Inc. property and NFR agrees to return or refund any advance storage charges paid and not applied to storage charges through the date of termination.

NFR agrees to provide separate storage facilities in an area to be designated by NFR for the storage of recreational vehicles and or boats but is not responsible for any damage or loss from any cause whatsoever arising at any time to any recreational vehicle or boat so stored by any Owner/member, including but not limited to the following: fire, theft, acts of God, vandalism, acts of terrorism, or any physical damage while the recreational vehicle or boat remains in the designated storage area. Owner/member agrees to such provisions and agrees to indemnify and hold NFR harmless from and on account of any damage or injury to any person or property or equipment on the recreational vehicle or boat arising from any cause or from the negligence of any employee of NFR, or from the negligence of the Owner/Member’s family, guest or invitees, or any other person whatsoever.

It is the policy of NFR that the Owner/Member must have property and liability insurance on any recreational vehicle or boat brought onto the property of NFR. Please provide name and insurance company information as requested above.

Owner/member understands and agrees that the RV/boat stored in NFR’s separate storage facility will be subject to a claim of lien and may even be sold to satisfy the lien if the storage or other charges due relating to such storage remain unpaid for 14 consecutive days. Owner/member also acknowledges that NFR’s separate storage facility is not a guarded area.

If any action arises out of this Storage Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. A party shall be deemed a prevailing party if the judgment is rendered in his or her favor or where the litigation is dismissed in his or her favor prior to or during the trial, unless the parties otherwise agree in the settlement or compromise.

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Waiver of Liability


This is an agreement between the Owner who placed their name above, on the date above and North Fork Resort Association, Inc. and will be effective for one year after the Date above.

I hereby authorize North Fork Resort to move my R.V. to the storage lots from a site, from storage to a site, and from site to site.

I release North Fork Property Owner’s Association from any and all liabilities resulting from any damage that may be incurred while in transit.

The above applies to any emergency situation that requires a move.

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