NFRA is surrounded by water!LAKES, POOLS AND A RIVER

WaterWhen you come to NFRA make sure you bring a bathing suit, fishing pole or something that floats. NFRA has multiple water features for all of you water lovers.

NFRA has three pools at the resort that can be enjoyed by any guest. First, our Jr. Olympic Pool (25 meters) can be used by guests that enjoy swimming laps or participate in any type of aquatic aerobics. Our second pool is traditional sized and is usually enjoyed by our guests that have families. This pool is used for pool lounging, floating and soaking in some summertime rays. Our third pool is for the kids. We have a kiddie pool that will keep your children having fun for hours.

At our resort we have two lakes, Wood Haven Lake and Willow Lake, both have fish in them. When you stay with us make sure you bring your fishing pole.

Last but not least is the mile long stretch of river bank along the beautiful Shenandoah River North Fork. You can do a wide range of activities on the river so come prepared. Consider bringing your fishing pole, floating devices, canoes, kayaks or binoculars. The river is teeming with wildlife.

We look forward to having you as a guest at NFRA and for you to enjoy all of the water features we have to offer.

If you have any questions please feel free to give our office a call 540-636-2995